Results from 10-9-21

Crate Racin USA Late Models Place Car # Name 1 00E Cole Exum 2 22 Jonah Bozeman 3 9 Pratt Cooper 4 55 Cody Stevens 5 26 Jimmy Sharpe 6 97 Garrett Bullington 7 6B Kyle Bridges 602 Sportsman Place Car # Name 1 12 Steven Bryant 2 17 Kevin Bennett 3 49B Matt Broadway 4 04C Colby Boyett 5 25 James Willis 6 01T Tyler Webb 7 68 Tyler Boyette 8 44 Jeff Baggett 9 57 Blaine Powell 10 21T Tucker Walker 1 3 Tyler Summerlin 12 93 Dustin Newell 13 90 Jesse Burch 14 23S Paul Smith 15 88 Winn Collins 16 55Z Zack Lee 17 7C Mike Gonzales 18 7 Travis Grant 19 89 Kevin Simpson 20 23 Freeman Burch Super Street Place Car # Name 1 10M Mack Williams 2 7 Scott Crews 3 57C Don Corbitt 4 8X Jamie Whitaker 5 00M John McBrayer 6 24 Dakota Nichols 7 74 Carl Singletary 8 37M Cameron Metts 9 18K Cecil Kinney Enduro Place Car # Name 1 77 Wes Davis 2 7 Marty McGuire 3 74 Tyler Hamrick 4 16 Chris Neighbors 5 11 Michael Real 6 48 Johnathon Johnson 7 74G Michael Gills 8 2 William Fisher 9 36 Dustin Real 10 28 Preston Johns 11 33 Tyler Boyette 12 75 Brady Frakes 13 12A Lee Atkins

10-9-21 Next Race

RACERS AND RACE FANS!!! Dont forget during intermission at our topless event next race (October 9th) we will be doing Trick or Treating on the front straightaway for the kids. This is always a big and fun time for everyone and we cant wait to do it again. DRIVERS make sure you bring candy with you for this. EVERYONE make sure your kids come dressed in their favorite costume. We will be giving out “extra treats” for the best [...]

9-24 and 9-25 cancelation

IMPORTANT RELEASE!!! Due to several races across the South being rained out this weekend (such as our neighboring track Waycross motor speedway, who has their big showdown event coming up) and needing to be moved to race next weekend and with the Tire Shortages along with a couple of other factors, we have decided to cancel our September 25 show. It is very important to us to work with other race tracks and to provide the best show we can [...]


After careful consideration and looking at all the factors across the board, we have regretfully decided to cancel tonights event until September 11. With a high percentage of rain forecasted for today and alot of race teams (modifieds especially) traveling 3-6+ hours, we feel this is the best decision so we dont have another rainout on top of a rainout. We will run this same show at our next event on September 11th. Please still hold on to your [...]

Next race 8-28-21

The July 10th rain out race will be made up on August 28th. We will have a complete new show. Armbands from that night will be honored at that race only. Stay tuned for more exciting news to come.

Next Race 8-14-21 Morgan Sheffield Memorial Race

CONTINGENCY AWARDS!! If you would like to do any contingency sponsors for this event please shoot Chance Smith a text at 229-256-7273 and sign up. Big Shoutout to Impulse Industrial Services for coming on board and putting up a extra $100 for the fastest Qualifier, as well as $50 for the Leader on Lap 10, $50 for 10th place Finisher, and $100 bonus if anyone in the top 10 in points in the TopNotch Challenge Series can win, all in the [...]